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Bradley's Brunch

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Join LaPierre Ballroom and BD4BU in support of our dear LaPierre & BD4BU team member Krystal and The Bradley family! Krystal's father was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and begun his battle. We know how hard a fight like this can be, so let's help make sure he can get the best treatment possible! If you would like to meet Krystal's family and read about her fathers journey thus far,

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The Bradley's are local South Jersey natives who believe in the power of family. 

Recently in December of 2021, Leroy (Bud),  Krystal's father, got the news that there was a tumor the size of a lemon in his upper left lung after being sick with what the doctors thought was a bad case of Bronchitis lasting longer than usual. Unfortunately, they were wrong. At this point, he was already loosing some functionality of the left lung. 

Bud was immediately determined to FIGHT! 

After it was confirmed that he had Stage 3B Small Cell Lung Cancer, we got together the best plan of action. 

Since, Bud has gone through 16 chemotherapy treatments as well as 27 radiation treatments. Bud has been fighting gallantly, going through many tests, scans, and treatments, and even recovering from hospitalization. 

Our last scan of the tumor showed that it is shrinking! We have to keep fighting. We know he may have to undergo more surgeries, biopsies, chemo and radiation, as well as a prescription drug therapy. Bud has 3 radiation treatments left as of 04/30/2022 and then will be re-evaluated for further treatment plans.

We know that this will be a long, tough road, and that this is not over for them. Family takes care of each other, and that's why we knew we had to help Bud fight for his life in any way possible. Please consider joining us on Sunday, June 5th for a Brunch style fundraiser to help support the Bradley Family and their needs in this difficult time. 

Follow the link below to purchase a ticket!

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